In Mary Shelley’s original story, Victor Frankenstein was a science student with a secret project. He built a person out of dead body parts and brought it to life.

When his creature began to move, Victor became scared of it. He thought his creature looked like a monster, and he let it run away. Later, his creature kills a child. Victor feels guilty and ashamed, but he doesn’t tell anyone he created the “monster.”

Do you think Victor Frankenstein is responsible for his creature’s actions?

In this activity, you will make an automaton — a machine that seems to be alive!

You can download and print these instructions.


Collect these materials:

  1. A rigid container, like a yogurt carton or cardboard box
  2. 2 foam circles (about 2.5’ diameter)
  3. 2 skewers
  4. 2 small pieces of plastic straw
  5. A center hole punch
  6. Some tape or glue
  7. Additional materials to decorate your automaton


Show us what you made!

Did you make an automaton? Then share it with us! We love seeing what people make.


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