What do you get when you mix and match parts of creatures? In Mary Shelley’s original story, Victor Frankenstein built a person out of dead body parts and brought it to life. But Dr. Frankenstein thought his creature looked like a monster, and he let it run away.

What makes a creature beautiful, or horrible to look at? How does that affect the way you feel about the creature?

In this activity, you will design a creature from parts you choose!

You can download 🔗 and print these instructions.


Collect these materials:

  1. Catalogs, flyers, any throw-away print materials with nice big, colorful pictures of dolls, stuffed or real animals, robots, or anything that might have an interesting body part
  2. Scissors
  3. A sheet of heavy paper or cardboard to attach your creature to
  4. Tape or glue for connecting the parts together


Show us what you made!

Did you make a Frankentoy? Then share it with us! We love seeing what people make.
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