The Traveling Monster

In Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, when Dr. Frankenstein abandoned the monster he created, the monster wanders off to have some remarkable encounters with people, both touching and terrifying.

Where would such a monster wander today, and what adventures would it have along the way? Would it want to find its creator and ask some uncomfortable questions, as Shelly’s monster did? Or maybe it might want to find some modern-day scientists who are creating new kinds of life and lifelike technologies and ask them some questions.

Make your own traveling monster with our downloadable kit, then take it on an adventure to explore places where science and technology impact your everyday life, or even the nature of life itself! Upload a picture of your monster at that place and tell us why you picked it. We’ll post the best ones in our Showcase.

Here are some Traveling Monsters that were shared with us. Can you add to our collection?

The traveling monster visits The Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C! That’s Lindburgh’s plane, the Spirit of Saint Louis, the first airplane and pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic nonstop. Now we have airplanes that basically fly by themselves across all the Oceans.
The traveling monster is still in D.C. Wondering how the folks inside this Capitol building are helping the country prepare for all the new difficulties arising from climate change. Maybe I’ll go in and ask around!
You don’t see many of these anymore, since everyone pretty much has a telephone in their pocket anytime/anywhere! Still, it might be nice to have places like this where you could duck in to make a call, or check your mail, instead of walking down the street looking at a screen instead of where you’re going.

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