Unexpected Frankensteins

When you imagine Frankenstein’s monster, you probably think of a tall green guy with screws in his neck and very uncomfortable shoes. But the ideas from this 200 year-old book go a lot deeper than that.

You can find examples of the Frankenstein myth throughout our modern culture, in the stories we tell and the ways we choose to treat the things we create.

Here are some Unexpected Frankensteins that were recently dug up. Can you add to our collection?

The second Avengers movie is definitely a Frankenstein story. Ultron, the villain in the piece is a dark reflection of his creator, Tony Stark/Iron Man. Later in the movie, the Avengers try to correct their mistake by creating ANOTHER manufactured being, the Vision. Vision comes to life only when struck by lightning wielded by the Mighty Thor, just like the monster in most versions of Frankenstein.

Pinocchio is a great example of a Frankenstein story. Pinocchio and Frankenstein’s monster were both created instead of being born, and were given up by their creators. It’s interesting that Pinocchio is a cute childlike figure, whereas Frankenstein’s creature is grotesque – and they are treated differently because of how they look.

Ex-Machina…She was created and then was uncontrollable.

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